A facial toning spray formulated for combination/dry, oily skin. It is infused with extracts of fresh herbs and flowers to hydrate, refresh and calm skin. It contains natural plant saponins that help with absorption of nutrients from Simplicité Face Oils and the Serum concentrates.

"I thought surely a toner couldn't be that much different. I was so happy to be wrong!"

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  • Thyme – gently antiseptic and astringent, calms irritation..
  • Angelica - firms and tones skin
  • Chamomile – soothes; reduces inflammation and improves the appearance of sun damaged skin

and nine other freshly extracted medicinal grade plants and herbs.


  • Gives a weightless silky feel and noticeable radiance boost. 
  • Has an intoxicating subtle floral scent that doesn’t linger.
  • Alcohol-free formula is non-drying plus ideal for sensitive skin.

How to Use 

  • After cleansing, spray over face, neck and décolletage
  • Keep eyes closed whilst spraying and for another 5 seconds afterward.
  • Use with Simplicité face oils and serums to help absorption - spray onto face or into hand.
  • Use at any time to refresh and nurture skin.

    Purified Water, Fresh Lavender Extract (France), Fresh Rose Petal Ext (Australia), freshly extracted organic Aloe Vera Barbadensis juice (not the lifeless dried powder from China), Fresh Witch Hazel Ext (not the clear, alcohol-based version), Fresh Chamomile Ext (France), Fresh Cornsilk Ext (Egypt), Fresh Angelica Ext, Olive Leaf Ext (Australia), Peppermint Ext (Australia), Thyme Ext (Australia), Niaouli Ext, Rose Geranium Ext (Kenya), Polysorbate 20 (from corn syrup) Radish Root Ferment, Sambucus Nigra (Elderberry), Gluconolactone (found naturally in fruit), Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate (both food preservatives) Citric Acid, Tumeric, Chlorophyll, Cl 42090

    Green denotes the nutritive, active herbal ingredients. These are either certified organic or wild grown. We freshly make all our plant extracts. We don’t buy commercial liquid ‘plant extracts’ or commercial lifeless dried and powdered herbs to make extracts.

    *Please note: approved colours are used at 0.00015mg per 125ml bottle. The scientifically recognised ingestion limit is 4.2mg per day.  No published reliable studies have ever shown concerns around these ingredients. Corn chips, sports drinks, tattoo ink and gummy bears contain significant quantities of these substances which are either ingested or absorbed. 

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